Unclenching the roadmap; embracing the chaos of change

Conscious Lifestyle

One thing we know for certain is that life is not static. 

Life is constantly changing. Just as the weather and external circumstances are constantly shifting around us, the cells in our bodies are constantly mutating. This is basic biology and completely outside of our control.  Yet it appears instinctive to we as humans to attempt to stave off change. We take extreme and even obscene measures to fight aging and preserve our youth. We sicken ourselves in this endless dizzying pursuit for consistency and even immortality.

We require routine and schedules for our survival, essentially to maintain our sanity.

We think we are in control of our lives when things are running smoothly without hiccups, when we are settled in the mundane-that is for some reason when we feel we really have our acts together. We do everything it takes to keep things running along this one-lane straight and narrow pathway of day-to-day life, the path with no detours. Like a damn treadmill. For being able to see 100 feet in front of us down the path of our ‘future’ somehow relieves this internal anxiety. The anxiety that piggybacks on the ‘not knowing’.

Not knowing where we will be in our career three years from now, if we should freeze our eggs by a certain date if we have not found a mate, if we are dedicating enough energy to our true passions in life versus checking the boxes society draws out for us indicating a ‘successful’ life. Naturally if you can predict future events you alleviate the fear that is invoked when approached with the unknown.

This predictability is a state of comfort to us. It keeps us safe to know that we have a roadmap of sorts. We create a delusion that we have our lives, ultimately our ‘selves’, all figured out.

Certainly, plans are healthy and necessary in navigating life, in creating our optimal experience while here on Earth. But here’s the notion we don’t embrace as we should-curve balls can be equally healthy and necessary!

Change whether chosen or hurled upon us precedes growth. We need to begin embracing change! It does not have to be something we fear. Be grateful that you don’t have it all mapped out. Practice letting go a bit. Both external and internal change is not only inevitable but crucial to reaching our maximum human potential.

You can and should choose to make changes to your life patterns that do not serve you. It is imperative to strive to enhance your life and self by eliminating thought patterns, actions and habits that are maladaptive to your most meaningful life.

I challenge you to trust your instincts and intuition.

Invite change when you know you are playing too long in your safe zone.

Change can be thrown upon us in ways that shake us to the core and shatter our lives in ways we could never have predicted. But we still have the power to choose how we respond to change and the perspective we view our lives from. This constant changing is the miracle of this life! The fact that regardless of the circumstances presented to us we have the power to choose the thoughts we attribute to them.

Try taking a side street in one area of your life. You never know what adventure may await you.

Art by Can Pekdemir