Dear Readers,
Welcome to my personal book club! A passion for reading has been ingrained in me since I was a little girl. Curiosity and an innate thirst to expand and evolve my understandings of the world have led me down this path of creating Idillionaire. One of my favorite questions I consistently get from my followers is what books or authors have contributed to my inner growth. I am so excited to finally create and invite you all to join and participate in the Idillionaire book club! By subscribing to the book club you will join our global community of readers and seekers where I will share a hand selected work that has benefited my growth in areas related to spirituality, personal development, business, entrepreneurialism and health and wellness. The books and authors I seek out are typically off the beaten path, are sacred to me and provide a wisdom not easily discoverable or known to the masses.
Get excited to build upon our work we have accomplished this far together.
Onward on our journeys!
Here's what the book club entails.
Every month I will select a book for us to all read together and discuss throughout the month through this virtual community. This will be an interactive space where we share our thoughts and insights pertaining to the book to further our collective growth.

The book club is a $9.99 monthly membership/subscription for dedicated readers who want to commit to expanding their minds with me. As a book lover, I'll be an active user within the community to discuss the books that I believe will transform your life and open your mind. Each user has the ability to register and create an account to be a active participant of the community. Your thoughts, insight, and response to the book are welcomed within the community. Thanks for being here and join the book club below to get access to our book of the month. See you there!