BE The Energy You Want To Attarct

Conscious Lifestyle

Everything starts with you. What kind of energy are you putting out into the universe? Are your actions, thoughts, and beliefs aligned with what you want to manifest? Do you own who you want to become as someone you already are now? Understand that everything around you is energy. There's a powerful magnetic vibration beaming from your body and mind that is pulling towards you the people, things, and situations currently occurring in your life.

This magnetic pull is your energy signature matching you to the vibration you hold. If you don't like what you've attracted up to this point, don't stress yourself about it. You can always recreate yourself. However, never point fingers at the circumstances; these are just results of your current thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. You should never blame anything on the outside; this just weakens your personal power to take responsibility over you life.

Everyday you make the choice with your thoughts, habits, and behaviors about the direction in which you want your life to head. Don't get stuck on a few repetitive thoughts and habits that aren't helping you get better and say "that's just who I am!" You have a choice to change. You can change your mindset, transform your life, and create new habits.

You can decide every single moment how you want to live and that's in the thoughts that you're playing in your mind. You don't need to control them, but you need to pay attention to the common stream of thoughts that you're having. Is it negative or positive? Does it make you happy? Or does it put you in a negative cycle that triggers negative emotions? What about your habits, do they support your visions? Are your habits belong you reach your goals? Once you become aware of your predominate thought, you can replace them with the thoughts of things you want. Once you decide you don't want to be stuck anymore, you will start to have better habits that align you with your greatest vision. Your thoughts are a force, a frequency, and live energy that you can direct to work for you. You can transform yourself in all areas of your life by focusing and exposing your mind to a lifestyle that matches where you want to be. What you pay attention gets magnetized to be attracted back to you. You can't have a positive mind, and live a negative life. That just goes against the laws of nature.

Instead, focus back on your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you have about the world. What is that little voice in your head constantly saying? What emotion are you always holding? Your state of being is constantly gravitating everything towards you.

Everyone desires change, but to become better you have to start doing the "self-work" to overcome any limitations and fears you hold. You have to start by forgiving yourself and everything outside of yourself first. Forgiveness is a high vibration. It frees you. Did you know forgiveness is dis-attaching your current precious energy from the past?

When you're no longer playing the victim, you allow yourself to transcend into a new space. This space allows you to heal and recreate your vibration to attract new experiences. Every moment you have a choice to use your energy to grow your vision, so don't give it away to others or the past to benefit from it, while you deplete in sorrow. 

Know this for a fact, that the thoughts you entertain, the thoughts you believe in, and thoughts you hold most of the time are shaping and molding your reality. It's as simple as paying attention to your inner world; thoughts/emotions.

These are the forces that make up your whole reality; everything in your life right now was once a thought in your mind. Start wearing thoughts that bring you happiness, thoughts that heal, thoughts of prosperity, thoughts of love, and you'll see how much you transform your reality!