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My new book Thought Access is out!


      Thought Access means so much to me. I wrote this book to activate people, to bring reminders from beyond, to awaken great spiritual power, to heal, to reunite, to assist in transcending, and to see more clearly all that one is. This book is deeply spiritual and profoundly moving. My goal is to assist the reader in shedding layers that alters their self-perception from seeing their soul, their gift, and their potential. I am a super believer of great possibilities and a catalyst igniter for great change.

        Being able to write this book meant that I had to go beyond the standard thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, and outlooks. I had to bring to life a new way to guide the readers to have access to a mental world that requires one to be aware. It is the key. Charting these unknown worlds within means that I had to understand the intricates of human thought process and tricky ways in which the individual is kept fragmented to bring wholeness back. There were so many moments where I was stunned at my own realizations and inner discoveries in what I was getting ready to share. It takes great mental power to be able to not only come to full understanding of these deep subjects, but also in conveying it to others in the simplest way possible. The reader will sense the energy behind this book and feel the power of greatness surging in their life as intended, but in reality, it is simply an access to all that they are. I believe people are ready to know their truth now.

       When confusion and fear is wildly promoted, the soul is activated for one to begin to question, wonder, and reflect on who they are, what they deserve, and all that is truly meant for them. Many people who have been in slumber for years are now sensing, feeling, and seeing themselves come alive. If you feel as if you’ve grown in light years in the past few years than that means you are ready for all that’s next in your spiritual evolution. Thought Access is a form of guide to assist in the transition of human empowerment, awareness, awakening, healing, and holding everyone accountable to own their inner power. Besides the many insights provided in this book, it’ll also expose to you your own supernatural abilities.  

         Thought Access is your entry to more. This access will grant you thought forms that assist you on your Earth adventure and guide you to experience all that you are, have been, and will be. This book is a direct link to the most powerful thoughts in the mental world, where all change begins. Thought Access connects you to the highest version of yourself, which already exists within your own mind and gives you the energy to bring that state to life in the physical world. Just as you will gain many supernatural powers from this book, you will also release yourself from anything that has blocked your inner vision to see the path that was always meant for you.

         There are many codes hidden within this book that will trigger spiritual activation and cause profound, life-changing shifts that assist you in remembering yourself. The most powerful access you can have is higher thought, which allows you to maneuver any situation, overcome any experience, and create what you want without hesitation. This is the blueprint for bringing to life the dormant primordial energy within you. This energy will free your life force and help you consistently reach greater heights in your experience, expression, and exploration ahead. Thought Access is an energy state, an outlook, and a mindset; and it is here to empower you like never before. You’ll go deeper in your self-belief, exude the radiance of self-love, trust intuitively, operate supernaturally, and live boldly and confidently in all ways. Thought Access will guide you through life as a trusted source for charting the unknown territories within yourself.         

        I believe even having this physical book in your space and connecting with it will bring many great positive, divine, peaceful, and loving change into your life. Everything is a form of energy and the kind of power something contains continues to be amplified not only in physical spaces, but the one interacting with it. The incredible thing about writing this book is being able to re-read it after I was done months later and see how it felt which brought not only tears to my eyes, but made me have this explosive endless love pour out from my heart knowing how many lives will be changed. Words can’t describe the bliss and state of being of that moment. I know every reader will find what they need, feel what is meant for them, and connect with my work in a deeper way. Thought Access will always be timeless and every reader can return to it anytime, anywhere, and during any situation for guidance, support, reassurance, and activation.  

            As I do my part in assisting in illuminating every person’s unique path, I am confident that the transformation created by Thought Access will contribute to the wellness of the planet, as every healed, whole, and activated individual energy ripples out into the entire universe which creates more harmony that can only start at the individual level. Thought Access encourages every person to take back their power, see for themselves, and live out their dreams as harmoniously and balanced as possible. This book can be read many times and you’ll still have something new to discover. Even as the writer, I still discover more depth in my words that bring a new perspective every single day. I hope you explore yourself through this book and see what comes up for you.

Q & A for Thought Access:

   What does Thought Access mean?

      The title came to me way before the writing of the book flowed in and it all started in a conversation that I was having with someone dear to me. As we were talking and reflecting together, I mentioned how what is possible in someone’s mind differs because of the access to a thought they have that allows them to believe in more or to believe in less. In every human that knows more, the access is that they have more insight to some kind of thought or information that allows them connect with a world of possibilities.

       Access for me doesn’t necessarily mean how much formal education you have, but how connected you are to yourself that brings you the insights, awareness, and understanding you need which can be a sort of internal guidance that is constantly available to you. Thought Access was born out of the concept of giving a connection, a link, and a key to enter an expanded consciousness that supports possibilities, mental wellness, emotional health, empowered individuals, creative ideas, dreams, and the supernatural magic that is every present all around us.

       Thought Access means you are quite literally entering a stream of thoughts that interact with your mental world to lift you into new heights. As a writer, I am well aware of the power of words and what it does to a reader’s life. The transference of pristine ways of seeing the world is a Thought Access that I believe everyone can initially access through someone who knows and eventually is empowered enough and spiritually strong enough that the individual is able to chart the unlimited possibilities of the mental world on their own. The mind’s vast capabilities will be the true discovery of man’s freedom. Thought Access brings this to life.

What is the inspiration for Thought Access cover?      

        My favorite part of writing a book is creating the book cover. This cover is all about alchemical transformation taking place as the book title Thought Access drips into flask. The drips are the inner vision of the eye pouring in to the being within a beautiful landscape that represents the harmony and balance of the natural world. The eye is the inner vision that knows, that guides, that brings clarity, and that supports you to see beyond the illusions which opens you up to more.

       The being inside the flask represents pure energy that is electric which is what comes alive in someone when they receive the elixir of Thought Access. The sun represents illumination which gives life to everything and I love the golden color of it. I have always been connected to the sun and the magnetizing energy that comes from it. It is all about rising! The owl with the crown has a deeper meaning for me, but most importantly it represents the unmasking of deception through wisdom and it has a powerful presence that can entrance the viewer to return to stillness, awe, and harmony.

      The fire above my name represents the igniting of the alchemical transformation for every reader of this book. The new moon is my favorite time each month. I never really ritualized the phases of the moon and have always naturally noticed certain things happen during the new moon over time for me which allowed me to create my own unique connection with it. It has always been a positively and deeply transformative time for me when it comes around. For Thought Access it represents new beginnings, reset, restart, cultivation, and a rise towards greater.

     The star connection comes from a trip I took to my native land in Somalia in 2022 and 2023 where I visited the country side that has the clearest skies I have every witnessed and I was moved by the sea of light, the mystery of it, the clusters, and the feeling that came over me at that time which was pure bliss, love, and just wonderment. The sky felt like it was moving in all directions shooting stars and all, but there was a stillness and great power in the presence of it. There is a world out there that is operating in its own way and this connection of the star for Thought Access is a form of guidance of the immense power of that light, but also the guidance and illumination it brings in the dark.

       The dunes also come from a trip I took to the Sahara Desert in 2023 as I was writing my book in Gabes, Tunisia where I was staying for the summer. I would spend 2 weeks on the desert exploring the history, culture, and just being in the natural world of a civilization that is unexplored. The silence of the desert and the unending sea of dunes did create a deeper transformation in me that brought many realizations. Choosing this as my book cover has that connection for me that in silence, in nature, and within yourself you can receive everything. I also just love the color of the dunes, the golden-brown hue, and sunset tones of the cover.

      The double headed serpent symbolizes primordial energy, rebirth, and protection during your transformation. Things usually transpire in my life which later bring a deep message and clarity. During a trip to Egypt in 2022 I was gifted these beautiful double headed gold serpent bracelets which I picked out at this gold market that ended up activating this symbolism of spiritual power through a memory just by wearing it. I later discovered my grandfather’s poems about guidance, protection, and rebirth which he drew a double headed gold serpent as the symbol. That inspired me to add it to my book cover not only to symbolize rising, rebirth, wisdom, and protection, but also my encounters, connection, and memory of this symbol. I look at it as guards of your inner gate and a powerful connection to the natural world. I do understand that it is a demonized symbol and could be interpreted in many ways, but it means something different for everyone and I do have a positive connection with the symbol and the energy of it on my book cover supports benevolent interpretations.  

What is inside of Thought Access?

· Treasure of Realizations: You’ll be taught how to reign in the mental world and discover how to produce more energy within yourself that is unlimited, yet still untapped.

· Thought Access Techniques: Advanced techniques that take your consciousness into any state you desire, giving you access to utilize your own imagination and receive practical results.

· 15 Daily Thought Upgrades: These 15 thoughts will guide you through a process of insight that reveals to you your potential, your inner power, and your ability to create the reality you want.

· 100 Thought Access Affirmations: These 100 affirmations will play a crucial role in your life as they pour real power and energy into you. Every word is written intentionally, to help you feel actual energetic increase in your mind, body, and soul.

What is your favorite chapter in the book?  

    I just love it all!!! I think chapters that will have a deeper impact and resonance will be Psychological Freedom, A Message for Your Soul, Matters of The Heart, Thoughts Materialize, and Encode. Every chapter builds up the next one and it all will connect with every reader in a unique way. I love Being A Thought Alchemist chapter as well. All are just so good that it makes it hard to just pick one, but the ones I have listed are moving on another level!

Is Thought Access on Audible?

   Yes! Thought Access is on Audible and iTunes! The audiobook is also a 12hr listen. I love recording my own audiobooks so my readers can have a deeper connection with me, but also experience the healing sound of my voice. I recently had a dinner party with my family and close friends to hear Thought Access audio and it put all of us in this relaxing bordering deep rest everyone kept saying they feel at peace like they are floating. I had a listen that night when I went home to the entire recording and it felt so meditative, soothing, and moving. I have always been curious about my voice, it’s resonance, and the tones of it which not only brings calmness, but also harmony within. I hope to further explore my own gifts in other ways. As of now, I choose to activate others, bring calmness, healing energy, and illuminate the way through reading my books and using the power of my voice.       

Will Thought Access be available around the world?

   Yes, on all digital platforms and upon request in international bookstores. The book will be available for physical order as well. All links will be provided below. I will be working closely to all requests to make sure that your country carries the book.

      I am so grateful to be able to share this book with you. I truly can’t wait till you read, listen, and hold the book in your hand. I know Thought Access will empower you, transform you, awaken you, and heal you. It will be a miracle in your life and I hope to hear all about the wonderful things my book has done for you. This is a powerful time on the planet and as the energy of change surges, so will people begin to look for guidance, a return to their true home, and their connection to the divine power here on this earth. The energy is available now and those who know already know. I hope you tap in and receive your access so we can all go higher and transcend it all. I deeply appreciate you for being a part of my timeline and receiving these gifts with me!

Lots of love,

Idil Ahmed




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