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I am so delighted to have finally launched my Idillionaire App! This is something that has been a dream of mine to do and share with the world. I know how important my words are to millions of lives out there and I have finally decided to compile my inspiration, wisdom, and light into this precious Idillionaire App so everyone can stay uplifted throughout the day. I believe in constant motivation and daily reminders to stay fresh and renewed on a consistent basis. This is why I created the Idillionaire App! This is truly only the beginning for the Idillionaire App. We plan to advance the user experience monthly and continue to add features that will further be a tool for your evolution and expansion. Below I’ll share more details about my app and the fun features we offer.

Idillionaire App shares daily exclusive insight, visually stunning inspirational posts with extensive, and thoughtful messages of enlightening encouragement. 

The Idillionaire App is an extension of the social media phenomenon that has changed the lives of millions all over the world in relation to spiritual growth and inner development.

The Idillionaire App contains images personally picked and carefully designed with words by Idil Ahmed that provide soothing, tranquil, and peaceful experience with every click. Idillionaire App provides daily push notifications that keep you connected, inspired, and encourage you to be your very best in every way. 

Idil Ahmed wants every single person to be illuminated in spirit, in mind, and body. This app has hundreds of words you can tune into at anytime to lift your spirit up or simply get reenergized and refocused on purpose. 



Some of the most powerful affirmations for any situation at anytime. 

Breathe Through It

Words to keep things in life light and breezy. 

Inspire Me

Inspiration that will automatically relate to any situation you’re currently experiencing. This section will restore you to remember how strong, powerful, and incredible you are. 


Idil Ahmed complied some of her most moving words on the power of faith and the miracles it can unfold in your life. The Believe section restores your faith, gives you undeniable energy, and helps you remember your spiritual essence in every aspect of life. 

Book Club

Idil Ahmed is an avid reader, so it is only right that she has a subscription book club where readers have access to her monthly reads and also access to some of the books that have changed her life. Besides learning on a consistent basis, Idil Ahmed enjoys promoting the importance of literacy, knowledge, and the dedication for every person to read, learn, expand, and thrive in every way. 

Digital Journal:

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude plays an important role in Idil Ahmed’s life. She believes the secret to her success is in her daily writing of minimum 30 things she’s grateful for right before she goes to bed. This section of the app allows you to write daily and keep track of your previous gratitude in a digital format that’s easy to access and keep track of. Every single day you’ll receive a notification that asks you, “What are you grateful for?”

Manifestation Journal

Manifesting is life! We are constantly manifesting what we want. It’s just a natural state. This section helps you intend on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annually what you wish to speak into existence. This perfectly designed section helps you keep track of your manifestations while at the same time allowing you to set long term and short term goals. You’ll be surprised how much you have manifested when you keep track of your intentions, visions, and goals. You’ll be reminded to keep your manifesting written and organized in your digital personal journal daily! 

Special Features:


You can schedule inspiration that resonates with your heart so you can be reminded as often as you like. Repetition is very powerful so feel free to schedule away. You’ll have a section of all your scheduled words to access at any time. 


You can like any post and have it all in your favorite section so you can refer back to it at anytime for a quick reminder and pick-me-up.


For $9.99 a month you’ll unlock the digital journal, the scheduler, the book club, and the ad free experience that allows you to be uninterrupted with your inspiration. 

Download the Idillionaire App now and begin to receive great blessings. 

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Lots of love,

Idil Ahmed