Inner Glimpse


I am delighted to announce the launch of my latest book Inner Glimpse!

            Inner Glimpse is something that is so dear to my heart. The writing of this book came to me at a time when I was having so many realizations of paving a new path, being open to new beginnings, and holding strongly to the power of faith, hope, and inner power during uncertain times. Inner Glimpse is all about INNER POWER! As we move forward to create something new, we must remember what lies within us. We must amplify that inner voice and start listening to our own inner guidance. We are being called upon now more than ever to step into our power to make a greater impact on this planet. The change of an individual and the empowerment of ‘one’ can alter the future, impact communities, evolve nations, and enlighten generations. What you change within yourself influences every aspect of your life. You are the one that creates the ripple of change. I am reminding you right now that IT IS in YOU. I am a true believer of what lies within each and every one of us. No matter who we are, where we are, or what we even do, we all need that reminder. This is what Inner Glimpse is all about. It is that reminder that you are powerful and that you can. It is that amplification of your greatness. Inner Glimpse is that mirror that stands before you which reflects your greatest image no matter what the past was or what you’re currently experiencing. You always have what it takes and this book will serve as a guidance, reassurance, and a companion on your adventure to reconnecting with your gift.

           To remember who we are, we must go beyond what we label ourselves or the ideas, constructs, and concepts we attach to who we are as something that is final. Change is constant. We are always evolving, growing, and getting better. The experiences we have had or what we have been through should be lessons, not hindrances. We should be motivated by our past, which gives us access to how strong, capable, and resilient we truly are. Inner Glimpse allows you to stand firm in riding the wave of life. It reminds you that you can create your reality, but also prepares you for the ebbs and flow that follows the journey of a new direction. It reminds you to not be afraid, to not hide, and to never give up on yourself no matter how things initially appear. This book goes beyond just motivation, it taps into parts of you that which has always been coming alive and it further illuminates the light that shines through your spirit. What you’re meant to experience from each page will be so personal to each reader. It will take you on your own personal adventure and allow you to see things more clearly. You will start to use more of your imagination and be free to dream big again. You will notice many patterns in your life where the power of the source has worked miracles in your life. You will unlock new miracles and discover that you have always been connected.

            Inner Glimpse is not just a book you read or listen to once. This book is a reference, a source of empowerment, and a guide on your path. It will always remind you just how powerful, valuable, gifted, and special you are. It will pour into your strength, wisdom, and assurance. This is a 500-page book for a reason; I didn’t hold back on anything and allowed myself to pour all my insights into it. I am inspired by life, experiences, and the blessings that surround me. I am always learning, pondering, questioning, and listening. I believe in people. I trust that no matter where you are in the world or who you are, you still hold great power to make a difference in your life, those around you, and the world at large. Now more than ever, individual empowerment is so important. This is the start for a collective change. We must remind ourselves that we can. We must lead by example and show others that they too can be great being who they are.

Below I’ll answer some Q & A for Inner Glimpse:

            What does Inner Glimpse mean?

            Inner Glimpse is something we have all experienced at one point or another. It is that moment when you get an insight, inspiration, or revelation from within that exposes to you a vivid image, a strong feeling, and a sudden realization that you are powerful. It is a reminder that you get when you feel like you are on the edge and suddenly everything clicks for you. It is that turning point when you almost gave up, but things suddenly worked out. It is that moment when you felt like you have received a divine intervention. Inner Glimpse is that a-ha moment from your spirit that gives you a greater vision of who you are, what you can do, and all that you’re capable of. Inner Glimpse is Inner Power!

            What is the inspiration for Inner Glimpse cover?      


          I was inspired by an artist in Italy - Paola Tassetti. Her work spoke to my soul and we worked together to collaborate on the idea of my book Inner Glimpse. The main thing for me was to bring the message of the inner to life. I love the feel of the cover showing a lifting of a layer to see what is within using the eye with my diamond logo for inner illumination. I love leaving the art details up for personal interpretation, as it is a personal story for all. The main overall inspiration is tuning in, growth, illumination, new beginnings, and listening to truly see. Pay attention to the detail of every art and it will awaken a reminder within you.

Also, I enjoy using the art as a screensaver on my phone as a reminder to see from within. The art is very powerful and magnetic, so if you would like to use it as a screensaver, you can. Below screensaver is provided:

            What is the overall synopsis of Inner Glimpse?

Inner Glimpse is about accessing your own inner power. You are the one who already carries the codes, and this book is meant to activate a powerful reminder within you that will ignite your true potential. You will experience many profound realizations that will elevate your state of mind and take your life to a whole new level. Everything found inside this book will allow you to see beyond all limitations. Inner Glimpse will give you a new sense of hope and a vision that is truly unstoppable. You will tune into your own inner source of energy for greater passion for life, true dedication to the realization of your dreams, and real energy to navigate this adventure you’re on. You will instantly begin to see beyond the illusions, tap into your own inner superpowers, and remember your own greatness. Every single page will provide a surge of energy. Miracles will start to become natural occurrences. A new you will come alive, and you will remember what has always been there. You now have access to activate your divine spark. 

What’s Inside?

·      Self-Mastery: A 15-day Self-Mastery Program that will automatically allow you to tap into your inner potential and magnify it 100 times over. You will spend five days mastering your mental state, another five days altering your physical experience, and five more days activating your own Inner Glimpse.

·      5 Powerful Methods: Alter how you experience your reality with these five powerful methods: the Look Method, the Speak It Method, the Step Into It Method, and the Edit Method. No matter what is happening around you, you will shift your perspective instantly when you realize that you can respond, change, and see the world in a whole new way. Use these methods daily and watch the miracles begin to happen right away.

·      Inner Glimpse Affirmations: 100 affirmations that will activate your inner power. These affirmations will awaken a sudden remembrance of all your potential. You will instantly feel the energy of every word, and become empowered and unstoppable like never before. 

·      Inner Glimpse Daily Thoughts: 30 Inner Glimpse thoughts to use on a daily basis to activate, recharge, and clear your energy. These 30 thoughts are meant to lift you higher and expose your true potential.


            What is your favorite chapter in the book?

            This is a hard question as every single chapter is different in its own unique way, but at the same time they all interconnect to make Inner Glimpse all that it is. I love that you can turn to any chapter and get practical steps, techniques, and methods to use right on the spot. No matter the chapter you flip to, you can always get the inspiration you need. I noticed that in my first book Manifest Now, many people have told me they loved that I wrote 100 affirmations, which is why I provided many in this book. Words are so powerful and I would love for everyone to step into the state of mind and begin by altering what they constantly speak. I hope you discover a chapter that resonates most with your spirit and enjoy the read.

            Is Inner Glimpse on Audible?

            Yes! Inner Glimpse is on audible and it is also a 12hr listen. I remember being in the studio for hours recording and thinking of the listener as I was reading every single word. There’s great energy that went into my recording sessions. So many people enjoy listening to the audio recordings of the book especially when the author narrates it. I am so glad I was able to get in the studio to make the listening experience of this book available to many who enjoy being on the go as they tune in.

            Will Inner Glimpse be available around the world?

            Yes, on all digital platforms and upon request in international bookstores. The book will be available for physical order as well. All links will be provided below. I will be working closely to all requests to make sure that your country carries the book.

In conclusion, I am overjoyed to share this gift with you. I truly can’t wait till you read, listen, and hold the book in your hand. I know that many miracles will happen for you. I know that you will be empowered like never before. I am looking forward to see you own your inner power. I want your greatness to shine. I want you to remember how valuable and worthy you are. I want you to reignite the power of your imagination, so that you can chart into new territories that once seemed impossible. May all your potential awaken and may your life and the lives of those around you flourish. I believe in you and I hope to hear from you to share with me all the magical things that begin to happen in your life after reading Inner Glimpse. Enjoy the adventure! Enjoy the read!

Lots of love,

Idil Ahmed


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