Is There Really Such Thing As A Soul Search?

Conscious Lifestyle

There is no such thing as a soul search.

For some people the spiritual journey, the pursuit of self-discovery and evaluation begins early and intuitively. Their inner voice speaks to them from a young age, begging them to question, be curious and to relentlessly explore both their internal and external worlds.

This breed of humans are never quite satisfied by the status quo or the paradigms assigned to them by their culture, family, or peers.

Often times they live a life of wonderment, daydreaming, a life in spent in wanderlust. They are often thinkers and dreamers with active minds finding it difficult to ever truly experience the present moment. What many miss is that these ‘soul searches’ can be endless and exhaustive chases with no real gratification or endpoint.

Our lives and more importantly, our ‘selves’ are always evolving. And thank the Universe they are!Many of us are on these perpetual flights of self-discovery and exploration. But what is it we are we really looking for?Many of us are seeking meaning and purpose outside of ourselves. Many of us are simply searching for our ‘self’.

The idea of a ‘soul search’ is actually quite ridiculous if you think about it.

Our soul never left us! We were never lost! “I’m going to Indo-wherever to ‘find myself”. Huh? Where’d you go? How can you ‘find yourself’ if it never went anywhere to begin with? There’s no map to finding yourself because the ‘you’ you were yesterday, five years ago, ten seconds ago, is not the person you are in this very second nor the person you will be 15 minutes from now.

Every encounter we have, breath we take, thought we entertain literally alters the biology of the ‘self’.


Your identity is driven by the ego state and does not define you as a human soul. There is no society-generated definition for your true essence. You cannot find this in an article or at a retreat. It is purely and simply you. It is most basically your belief of who you ‘are’.

And the more you believe this and let go of the idea that you have to define yourself by anything that has happened to you in your past, by your financial or social status or your appearance; that is when you can finally awaken into your true essence and honor your gifts.

This is true freedom. This is when the chase ends.

And the beautiful part of this ‘soul search’ is that you don’t have to look far at all; it is all already shining within you. You may just need to adjust your light.

Art by Aneta Ivanova