It's OKAY To Outgrow People

Conscious Lifestyle

Many of us try to bring people with us on our journey, who aren’t ready to grow; we try to make them understand something, they can't comprehend. We try to give them a vision to see the bigger picture, but they remain blind to that wisdom. It's not your fault. You have to stop blaming yourself for other people's lack of awareness. You can't force people to evolve. As you are doing the self-work, people might even tell you that you changed. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for evolving and no longer being available. You’re investing in your growth. You have things to do. It's not personal; it's just a shift. 

Awakening to your truth:

When your vibration is increasing and you're becoming more aware of life, your interest and outlook will start to change. In the transition of understanding yourself, you'll realize how much you're growing and changing as a person. In this process, your inner reality starts shifting, so your outer reality can mold itself to match your new vibration. During this time, the behaviors, habits, and choices of the people around you won't make sense any longer. So, instead of allowing the realignment for new circumstances to occur, we try to start changing the people around us to match our new energy. Trying eventually turns into forcing, because of our own fears of the unfamiliar. We want everyone to grow together. Move into new phases of life together. However, that's not how things work. We only hurt ourselves, not allowing these new changes to occur. We inhibit our own personal growth out of fear of losing people we no longer can relate to.

Some people don't want to grow:

This is hard truth to swallow. Some people are comfortable at being stagnate. They can't handle change very well, they're fearful to try something new. Let them be! Why limit yourself because of someone else's fears? This is where a lot of pain occurs for people, when their time comes to grow and evolve, they hold back to try to stay in what's familiar, they try to force relationships to work that are long overdue, they try to keep toxic friendships that are not genuine. So much pain occurs here, because we don't easily trust the gift life has to offer next. Don't lower your vibration, to make others happy. You can't change people, so don't hurt yourself trying. Move gracefully into your own development and accept your evolution! 

Shift happens:

Yes, I know! Things happen. We lose relationships, friendships, and certain people as we are transforming to be the best that we can be. Life will put you in tough situations that mold you, challenge you, and prepare you for something better. If you decide to hold on to the old as you are transforming, you will have a harder time moving on. Be graceful and allow. You have to accept that you deserve better. It's not about anyone else; it's about you living the life you desire at heart.


When you don't know yourself, you can fall into the traps and games people play. This is where our value and worth comes into play. You have to learn to elevate yourself so you don't lower your vibration to play along. You have to know what you deserve, not just by thought alone, but by action too. When you set the bar for how you want to be treated, people will follow. 

Letting go:

Never identify yourself by something that has happened in the past. If you're a conscious creator of your life, you know that each moment is up to how you view yourself. So instead of linking your potential to the past, how about you let go of it and live how you want to be today. Don't give people from your past, power over who you can be today. 

You're here to live fully:

You're a spirit having a human experience. Really take that in. Nothing can limit you, but what you allow. This is why it's important to never allow anybody or anything to make you suffer. Decide to be happy. Decide to get better. Decide to mature and gain wisdom. There's nothing more powerful and beautiful than self-awareness.