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            If you haven’t already heard, then I wanted to take a moment to share with you that I have FINALLY launched my book Manifest Now! For so long, so many people have been asking me to write a book and this year I made it my mission to focus and dedicate my entire book to my favorite subject: Manifesting.

            We all want to manifest. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are in life. Manifesting is creating a state of beingness that resonates with a greater goal and a higher ideal you have for yourself. There’s a drive and passion to tap into your inner potential. We’re all innately designed to create, discover, and imagine. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. Manifesting has been my personal discovery of being an optimal human.

“Deep down you know exactly what you are capable of. There’s even moments where you get a glimpse of all the potential you have. You can get there. You just have to be willing to sacrifice the habits, behaviors, things, and situations that are standing in the way of your success.” – Idil Ahmed

            My personal journey has inspired me to write Manifest Now. I have learned that the greatest results come when you decide to do the self-work. When you start to become completely open and honest with yourself about all that you want to change, then you enter a new state of mind that opens you up to a greater field. I remember discovering the importance of introspection where I would disassociate myself with thought patterns and emotions that didn’t serve my greater beingness. If I am what I choose to be, then why should I own, identify and repeat outdated thoughts? Why should I hold myself hostage to the past? I started thinking deeply and realized that I am the person that is always making the choice. I choose how I feel and what I allow. I choose how I think and what I accept. I am the conscious creator deciding each moment what the next experience will reflect back to me.

            We must always remember that we can change our minds. We can decide to be completely renewed and invest in recreating ourselves. It is up to us to remember that we all have choices in life that determine the results we get. You can choose something different. You can think new thoughts. Think greater thoughts. It is all up to you. Understanding this has been the most liberating feeling for me. Doing the self-work and introspection lead me to project thoughts and feelings of abundance, love, happiness, and success into the world. I decided to radiate. I decided to be all that I wanted to become. Freedom starts in the mind and owning who you truly are NOW!

           I have been manifesting and helping others manifest what they want by recognizing and teaching the importance of our inner power and removing all limiting thought patterns and negative beliefs. I always say that manifesting is our natural birthright. Nothing or nobody can get in the way of you creating what you want, when you discover that everything starts with you. Sometimes we just need to think greater thoughts or simply stop doubting ourselves.

               My book Manifest Now focuses on the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of manifesting. The energy I’ve put into this book is simply to empower you to take back what is yours. I make the topic of manifesting fun and easy because that's how it really is. When we stop stressing the how, when, and why of things, we get into a flow with the universe. This flow allows us to go beyond our small scope of thinking and opens us up to greater possibilities.

I always say, "I am operating in the realm of possibilities!"

    Everything starts with our mindset and attitude. Manifest Now is a guide for you to recognize and release anything that is hindering your vision from seeing your inner truth. Manifest Now helps you become more free and open to what is possible for you. I've put 100 affirmations for you to stay positive and hopeful during your manifestation adventure in the book. There are also 35 thoughts to think and 10 techniques to help you release anything you over-think and hold onto. There’s also a section called Magnetic Money Mindset that allows you to discover that it’s all about being creative, of service, and bringing value to mankind. Creating abundance is being abundant. Giving, sharing, and helping people thrive.

Below I am going to answer some of the popular questions I have received about my book:

What inspired your book title?

        I remember I was journaling one day and I was writing what I wanted to manifest and create in my life. After I got done writing my list, I put in big letters Manifest Now right under the page of my listed goals. Something within me came alive at the moment. I was deeply immersed in the creation of my ideas that all was happening right then and there. I felt a shift from the words Manifest Now being a powerful command that creates an inner catalyst of thoughts that helps you create what you want for yourself as something that is already done. I was very excited and couldn’t stop smiling. I didn’t realize until I was close to being done with my book that I was actually going to title it Manifest Now!

        Manifest Now is about creating, feeling, and thinking what you want as if it is happening now. Our mind always goes into the future and the past, but all of life happens in this moment. Manifest Now is a strong command to get things going and started today. Instead of pushing everything off and thinking one day, you’ll feel and be in the state now.  Each time you think Manifest Now, you'll feel a sense of excitement that everything is happening for you now. I always say, "Celebrate what you want to Manifest Now!"

What inspired your book cover? What is the meaning behind the art?

            Thank God for my great friend J.R. Slattum. I remember wondering who can capture my vision, words, and idea into an image in an artistic yet powerful way. I forgot I even knew a great artist. I remember walking into my living room and seeing a powerful piece hanging there and it hit me that moment that I wanted to work with J.R. Slattum for my cover. His esoteric touch has always inspired me. The minute I reached out to him and told him I was working on a book about manifesting he said, “Say no more!” He asked me to send him some key words that I felt described the book the most and I got, “illumination, frequency, transmutation, transcending, vibration, process, birth, creation, golden, love, heart, openness, gestation, and key!” He directly went into his creative mode and sent me some clever ideas over. We went back and forth and finally decided on what is now the cover of Manifest Now.

            The keyhole represents openness of the heart and the golden light represents illumination of the mind and heart using the key of love that transcends all to open up for creation. The vibration around the head, egg, and seed of plant represents energy constantly at work and being directed towards creation to produce a greater state. The Phoenix represents rebirth, recreation, and rising out of the ashes to come back to life. That symbology of the Phoenix is to restore hope that you too can have your personal rebirth. The plant represents the reconnection to our natural state and remembering that a force greater than we can imagine is always keeping everything in perfect harmony. Nature is a great reminder of unconditional love and beauty. There’s something about it that helps us remember who we really are without any words. The creation in the hand of the creator with the key represents our mind producing our greatest vision by only opening our hearts and remembering that everything starts within. If you look at the completed art you’ll also notice that it is an inverted triangle which the point is facing my name. The triangle is an ancient symbol of divine unity of the mind, body, and spirit. The inverted triangle represents spiritual awakening and balance between all realms of the seen and unseen. Manifesting is a balance between the inner and outer world. The balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The all white cover represents a clean slate of purity, possibilities, and rebirth. The gold colors represent light, illumination, abundance, wisdom, expansion, and affluence. Every detail of the cover servers a purpose that radiates the highest frequency, which can be felt by the reader. There’s a light feeling to the cover. I wanted to create that simplicity but also a hint of thoughtfulness which art always produces in the mind. I hope that brought some clarification and understanding on the vision of my cover.  

How long did it take you to write the book?

           It’s feels like a lifetime of work and writing, but a few months of putting the concept and words into a book. I would say six months to produce Manifest Now but I have been writing longer than that on the subject somewhere in my journals.

What is your favorite chapter in the book?

            Hard question for me but I would say Chapter 5, The Inner Love Flow. This chapter restores faith and heals hearts. It also helps the reader to remember that God is always giving you unconditional love. I restore my own faith by remembering that I am alive. I listen to my heartbeat and feel the warmth of my body. I feel alive. I feel here in this moment. The Inner Love Flow gives you back your power and helps you create stronger connections with the people in your life and others through the discovery, understanding, and acceptance of The Unconditional Inner Love Flow.

           I hope I was able to share a glimpse into the process of creating Manifest Now. This book is warm, transformative, fun, easy, and magical. I want you create all that your heart desires because I know that's what we came here to do. The universe is supporting you. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are heard. Everything is in a state of creation.

          If you haven’t got your copy then make sure you pick up Manifest Now and get started on your manifesting adventure. I want to hear your success story. I want to know all that you have accomplished. I want to know what you have manifested. Please share your good news with me after you try the Manifest Now Technique in the book. Send me an email, leave a review on Amazon, and share your success story with the world. It's time to MANIFEST NOW!

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Enjoy Manifesting,

Idil Ahmed