5 Ways To Raise Your Vibration Right Now


Raising your vibration means eliminating anything and everything that drains your energy or makes you feel low. It’s so important to understand that your vibration is the inner frequency that you hold which aligns you with your outer reality. Science has proven that nothing is solid and that everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” - Niels Bohr (Physicist)

Understanding how energy works will increase the quality of your life. When you feel good or happy, you attract positive experiences. When you feel down or low you attract negative experiences. Learning how to keep your vibration high is knowing that you have the power to change how you experience your life.  When you are in a high vibrational state, you are much more connected to your inner self and your primary focus is to live a purposeful, loving, and giving life. Learning to eliminate what’s keeping you stagnant will free up your energy to reach the next level of your growth.

1.  Mental Cleanse:

                          Art by Hiking Artist 

It is so important to do a mental cleanse in order to increase your vibration. Your mind is the number one place where your energy can be zapped or lowered. This can be through negative thoughts, over-thinking, or being pessimistic about what you can accomplish. If your thoughts are constantly taking you to the past where you feel regret or pain about something that has happened to you, then it is time to start forgiving yourself so you can be free from it. You have to forgive others too for your own mental well-being. You can’t carry that burden of playing the same thing over mentally that you’re no longer going through physically. Release yourself from it and free up some energy to start growing.

A big part of the mental cleanse is to realize what you give your attention to is either helping you increase your vibration or lowering your energy. The news can be a big trigger for a lot of people to feel fearful, sad, or angry about what’s going in the world. Yes, there are so many things happening, but we have to remember that in order to make a global impact, we have to start making personal changes in our own lives. How can we change the world if we are constantly projecting fear, negativity, and hopelessness? It is our duty to be responsible for our own energy state and how it affects the collective. Once we can be in harmony with the energy of peace and love, we can actually tune into a state that offers solutions on a global level.

With this understanding, you can start analyzing other ways you’re currently using your mental energy. Do you constantly tune into drama? What do you do with your spare time? Do you focus on personal development and self-improvement? You truly have the choice to do anything you want with your time. How you use that energy determines the results you get out of life. Mentally start tuning into what makes you feel good. Say kind words to yourself. Listen to music that makes your soul move. Watch movies that bring happiness and joy to your life. Have enriching conversations with yourself and with others. As you start to do what makes you happy, you’ll start feeling your energy going up. 

2. Physical Cleanse: Eat High Vibrational Foods

Besides positive thinking, the fastest way to increase your vibration is consuming foods that are filled with vital energy. Energy is the core substance of everything in the universe. Without energy, there would be no life. Understanding how energy frequency works is important for your well-being. When your energy isn’t vibrating correctly, you are more vulnerable to diseases, negative thinking, and depression. Plants are filled with vital energy from the sun which your body naturally understands. The more you consume high vibrating energy foods, the more positive, energized, and vital you'll feel. 

In 1992, Bruce Tanio of Tanio Technology, an independant division of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. There are now 5 of these frequency monitors- Bruce Tanio has one in Washington, one at Weber University, one at John Hopkins Institute, one in France & Dr. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils has one. Tanio measured different frequency levels and found this:

Healthy human frequency: 62-72 Hz

Colds and Flu start at: 57-60 MHz

Disease starts at: 58 MHz

Candida overgrowth starts at: 55 MHz

Receptive to Cancer at: 42 MHz

Death begins at: 25 MHz

In theory, if you are able to keep your body’s frequency above 62 MHz, you should not have to worry about getting sick. By raising the vibration of the body disease, virus, fungi and bacteria cannot live; the emotions become more pleasant and positive and negative thoughts and emotions do not appear in the thought pattern. 

To prevent your body’s frequency from dropping to lower levels, avoid foods which have little to no vibrational value; any processed foods, white flour, processed sugar, canned foods, soda, frozen foods and especially fast foods because they contain most if not all of the above items. Start adding vegetables, juices, green smoothies and fruits into your diet. Take these steps today to start increasing your vibration and realigning with yourself.

3. Go Out Into Nature

If you can, go out into nature as often as possible. Spend time near the water, trees, and wilderness. You will be cleansed and healed by the powerful energy contained within that space. Nature fascinates me. It speaks a language that doesn't require words. I started swimming in the ocean daily and the benefits have been out of this world. The beauty, simplicity, and the flow of the water completely transformed me. I love spending as much time on the beach or in nature as I can. Getting away from the busy city life will help you reconnect with your soul and release anything keeping you resistant from the flow of life.

Did you know that the ocean releases negative ions that enhance our mood, stimulate our senses, improve our appetite, provide relief from sinusitis, asthma, allergies, migraines, even pain and burns.

 "Negative Ions Create  Positive Vibes." By WebMD

Negative ions stimulate a group of defense cells in our bodies, which marshal our resistance to disease. Negative ions promote alpha brain waves and increased brain wave amplitude, which results in a higher awareness level. The body is better able to absorb oxygen into the blood cells, oxidize serotonin and filter airborne contaminants. Negative ions are considered a natural healer and are most commonly found in nature near oceans, forests, waterfalls, and less populated environments. Normal ion counts in fresh country air is 2,000-4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter.

At a large waterfall you might find over 100,000 negative ions and over 200,000 ions near the ocean. Polluted air such in large cities might have less than 100 ions. This is why people who live in over populated environments with less nature have more sicknesses and stress levels. I'm sure you know how great it feels after spending some time on the beach or in nature. We might not realize how close healing, connecting, and rejuvenating ourselves is to us. Spend some time in nature and away from all the congestion of the city life.  Connect back with nature; connect back with yourself.

4. Say Nothing Negative For 24hrs

Not saying anything negative for 24hrs will help you become more conscious about the things you say to yourself and to others. This is a wonderful challenge that you can do by yourself or with someone else. A lot of the times we don’t even realize how many negative things we say. Always keep the power of your words in mind. 

You speak everything you say into existence. Words have a powerful frequency behind them. They carry an energy that can alter your reality completely. This all depends on the words you mostly use to express yourself. Are you using words that can help you or harm you? Once you become aware of this power, you'll start to use it to change your life and alter your reality completely.

The power of sound is conditioning your mind to constantly experience what you speak. The words you speak to others or yourself can actually be weakening your vibration and causing you to not feel good. Your words guide your mind and body towards the experiences you want to have. This is why when you speak kind words; you start to see everything making you feel good. The energy is attracting itself. During your 24hrs start saying more kinds things to yourself and others. Use your words to empower yourself. Affirm exactly what you want to experience. Change the words you speak and everything around you will change. 

5. Accomplish The Goals You Set For Yourself

Learning to accomplish the goals you set for yourself will easily increase your vibration. I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling of joy and happiness when you’ve accomplished a goal. It is such a powerful feeling to know that you can do anything by taking action. However, many people set goals for themselves and never accomplish them. Each time you don’t accomplish a goal, you start to feel bad about yourself. This is how negative thoughts and doubt start to seep in and possibly make you feel like you’re not good enough. To start the shift in your energy state, start setting goals you know that you will accomplish. This will help you build momentum and actually make you feel good about yourself. Have daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals that you know you’ll accomplish. Start taking action and you’ll see your life transform.

I hope these five steps have provided you some insight on how to start increasing your vibration to live a more positive life. You have the choice to  start implementing these changes. To know is one thing, but to do is where all the magic happens. I hope this helps you reach the next level of your growth.