An Idillionaire Illumination For Inner Peace

Conscious Lifestyle

The peace and security I need must come from within me.

The beauty is that it is all already here within and around me.

I do not need to seek dependence or security from external sources.

I have me.

I am me.


I already embody all that I am wishing to attract and become.

I will see myself as others do.

I will let go of resentments, regrets, fear and doubts.

I can see. Signs. Glimpses.


I know. I am precicely where I am meant to be in this precise moment.

Doors need to close for others to open.

I will trust my heart and intuition.

I will trust my heart and allow what I know is my destiny to unfold.

It is amazing.

I am amazing.


Artwork by Maia Flore