Are You Going Through A Spiritual Awakening?

Conscious Lifestyle

Spiritual awakening is waking up to your own personal power and remembering that you are a spirit connected to all. The moment you start to awaken, you start to question everything that’s happening in your life. Something within you is begins to detect that there's a deeper meaning to life. You start to understand who you really are. There's a lot more to you, the universe, and the human experience. You know and feel deep down that all the surface stuff of life isn’t jut it. There's something you're feeling that's waiting to be discovered, and as you begin to detect this, your mind, body, and soul begin to transform.

As you begin to awaken, you become more interested in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and experience. You start to heal from the past pains and learn to let go. During these changes, you might feel very uncomfortable because a part of your past self is coming to an end. You’re fully shifting from what you thought you were to what you truly are, a spirit. Your curiosity switches to wanting to understand the infinite world of potential that resides within you. 

When your soul comes alive inside you, your entire lifestyle begins to change. Your diet, relationships, past times, and hobbies all take a dramatic transformation. Things that no longer serve your transformation start to fall off. It’s very common that people begin to distance themselves from old friends, old habits, and old ways that they no longer have anything in common with. You might find yourself being more compassionate, loving, and patient.

You may also find yourself wanting to spend time in nature, seeking knowledge, going on adventures, reading more, meditating, praying, and focusing on living your truth. This is the biggest sign that something new is coming alive inside you.

As you start to live in your truth, life becomes lighter, and fear begins to subside. You stop caring about what other people think about you.  You no longer worry and stress over things like social reputation, popularity, and seeking approval, because your sense of identity comes from something much deeper than that. As you being to have a personal relationship with your inner being, you begin to trust more. When the trust is strengthened, fear disappears.

If you're going through this, accept what is and be open to the beauty that's about to enter your life. Don't let anything pull you into fear/negativity. So much pain and problems comes from resisting our growth, and wanting to stay in the old patterns even when they don't work for us. You no longer have to hide from your truth, start embracing it and start living it today.