Believe In The Power Of Your Imagination


I believe in the power of my imagination. Everything I imagine has a potential to be my reality. The clearer my visions are, the faster I experience them. Connecting my emotion with my visions is a catalyst to receive what my heart desires. I have to feel it. I have to believe it before I see it. I know everything around me stemmed from a single thought. I trust the process, because I know the law of gestation states that everything planted is in a state of fruition. 

I'm starting to spend more time understanding how my mind works. There's truly a vast power within all of us and the only way we can tap into it, is to go on an inner journey. You are not your mistakes, your past, your shortcoming, or anything that makes you feel low. The point is to vibrate higher and increase your energy to feel at peace. The pain and confusion comes from forgetting who we truly are. We're magical beings with vast power. Our thoughts, imagination, and how we create through our visions is enough to know and believe that you're much more than you think. 

My greatest moment was discovering the power of my imagination. I realized that life wasn't a coincidence, rather a choice reflecting my own inner state of being. The thought of knowing this shattered my fears, boundaries, limitations, and everything I thought was "real." I sat there for a few hours thinking about thinking. Wondering about my own thoughts. It was as for a moment I stepped outside of myself to reflect on my whole existence. It dawned on me, that this whole time I was creating every aspect of my life. I was creating my whole experience all through my imagination. It suddenly hit me that I never take action until I've constructed the whole image in my mind first.

Even something as simple as getting to my car and driving to a store is fully played out in my mind. I realized everything was like a movie with segments that showed every action before it happened. Sometimes the process happens so fast that we don’t even realize that it is happening. I finally understood that my thoughts/imagination were the writers to the movie of my life. I was baffled. Something so simple, yet so profound.

Nobody teaches you these things because the standards of focus in the physical reality can become solely objective. However, we have to always tap into our imagination. What's real is what you imagine. If your attention is only focused on what's in front of you, you forget the inner world that everything stems from.

The pressures to fit into ideals, to be accepted, or approved lowers your self worth and makes you further disconnect from your soul. The more you spend unlearning or disconnecting from the negativity, doubts, and fears, the more powerful you'll become. You have to be committed to understanding yourself and learning to heal, open, and access your heart. The burdens we carry are an illusion. We make them stay real because we continue to repeat them in our mind. We continue to tell that same story to others and ourselves. The more we think it, the more we feel it, and the more we experience it in our external reality.

It’s time to let go. Recreate yourself. I learned to accept that I'm different and I'm going to own it unapologetically. This starts the freeing process. Spend everyday getting better. Start with your mind. You can go anywhere with your imagination so visualize great ideals for yourself. See everything so clear and believe in it till it becomes your reality.

Art Work by: Armando Veve