Body Vibes - Not Your Kid's Stickers

Science / Technology

So stickers have evolved far past the days of Lisa Frank, Hello Kitty or those suckers you get from the dentist that never stay stuck.

Check out Body Vibes, a company selling ‘smart stickers’ designed to enhance the body’s natural energy system through bio-frequencies that communicate with the body’s operating system.

The technology was developed by Nevada based biotech firm AlphaBioCentrix. Coined “Bio Energy Synthesis Technology”, (BEST) the technology allows for the programming of wearable skin patches that ‘can influence the energy field that surrounds all life forms via the central nervous system through sympathetic resonance.’

The frequencies are meant to enact a ‘corrective, informational and energetic exchange that promotes the balance of weak, disturbed and overactive energy.’

We haven’t tried these yet but the research and innovation is fascinating. Plus they’re pretty cute.