Entrepreneurialism and The Human Condition. Tips From Tony Robbins


“Life is found in he dance between what we desire most and what we fear most.”

                                                                                                                  -Tony Robbins

One core element that all successful entrepreneurs must hold is belief. Belief in their vision, the relevance of that vision and most importantly belief in themselves. This can be a very difficult mindset to maintain when taking risks. And experiencing failures-which is inevitable in building a business. And what do you know, risk taking is yet another core element of being a successful entrepreneur. Making the choice towards that proverbial leap off the cliff to follow your dream and start a business can be one of the most daunting experiences of one’s life. It can also be by far the most fearful, exhausting but ultimately the most rewarding journey a person can undergo as a human.

There is an intrinsic relationship between the human condition and business that oftentimes gets blurred or ignored. Once you unite the two you can truly expand your business and yourself to greatness. Tony Robbins is inarguably one of the most motivating, successful and prolific entrepreneurs on the planet. His work has helped millions of people to better connect with their visions related to business yet his approach operates on a deeper level. Tony Robbins understands the connection between the human condition and success-be it emotional, spiritual, physical or financial.

Some wise words to soak in from the Master Mind:

Acknowledge our six basic human needs

‘We all need to feel a sense of certainty, uncertainty, significance and love as well as to experience growth and feel like we’re contributing. Most people specialize in two. You have to put people together who share those common needs.’

Importance of altruism-purposeful entrepreneurism

‘There is a myth that we act solely in our own self-interest. The truth is we act more so to help others than to help ourselves. You know to set business goals (duh), but it’s important to set an ambitious altruistic goal to help motivate you further still.’

“Find a way to do more for others than anyone else is doing. If you want to be extraordinary as a friend or business person, as a father or a lover, find a way to add more value — especially to those you love the most. I’m obsessed by this focus, and I really believe it’s the secret to not only wealth, but real lasting happiness. In my soul I believe the secret to living is giving.”

“I believe success is not a destination, but an ongoing process of constant and never ending improvement. Our success in life comes in two forms. First is our ability to take our vision and make it real, whether that be in our professional or personal lives. But secondly, and equally as important, is our ability to contribute to others in a way that creates a sense of true meaning and fulfillment.”