Forget Destination Happiness, You Can Be Happy Right Now

Conscious Lifestyle

Don't fall into the trap of destination happiness. This means that "one day" in the distant future happiness will come while you avoid fully living your life today. Understand that when the mind is habitually distracted by thoughts, constantly getting lost in a vast sea of things, ideas, future concepts, and memories, you forget the real reason why you're here. The core of who you are is forgotten, while you struggle and try to fill the void. The experience of being so present is lost, because our mind is moving in all kinds of directions. 

Our society makes you believe that being "busy" is equal to being successful.

The mind has been programmed to endlessly search, seek, and chase happiness in the outer world to obtain outer success and end up with inner emptiness. The constant search will never satisfy you and can only bring exhaustion. It's like we believe that we have to constantly be on the go, or else we're not doing anything with our lives. We also compare how busy others are to how much we’re not doing. Busy doesn’t always mean productivity. You have to start being more mindful and present so you can actually start creating your life, which you can only do, in the present moment.

Creating your reality is 100% about directing your mind towards of how you want to live your life. It's about being a conscious creator aligning yourself with your heart’s desires and your soul's purpose. It is all about being mindful enough to experince and enjoy life fully.

The paradox here is "you're too busy" to do this, so you unconsciously create scenarios you might not want, based on the thoughts and emotions you're entertaining. When you lose sight of this kind of power that's your true birthright, you get into a frenzy of trying so hard which adds more stress into your life. 

So take back that power today and realize that you are a creator of your reality. The future isn't some distant place like it seems in your mind. The future is right now. It's actually funny how so many people are sitting around thinking that someday out of nowhere the future will happen to them. This is why so many feel like they haven't accomplished much of their goals because they are living in the future in their minds, rather than right now. What you do right now will be your future. How you take care of your mind and body today, will be your future. How much energy you put into bettering yourself now, will be your future. Live fully today!