How Living Consciously Can Transform Your Life

Conscious Lifestyle

Living consciously means that you have awakened to the realization that you dictate everything that is happening in your life. The state of living consciously means that you are now the one who makes your own choices that come from deep within you on how you experience your reality. It also means that you have started to question your negative behaviors, actions, beliefs, and habits so you can replace them with more positive ones. Living consciously gives you back the power to be in control over your life instead of thinking that you are a victim. Knowing that everything starts and ends with you is very motivational and empowering. 

Getting Out Of The Unconscious State:

When you're unaware that you create your reality through your thoughts, emotions, and inner state of being, you deal with a lot of negativity. This level of unawareness makes you play the victim role in every circumstance, because you're thinking these things are happening to you out of nowhere, rather than you being the one who is creating the experience. When people are in an unconscious state, they tend to blame other people, and situations outside of themselves, which weakens their personal power to do something about the problems they face. Also when someone doesn’t understand their power, they usually live in a reaction state. Being reactive to everything means that you are waiting for the outside reality to deicide how you think, feel, and live your life. Living consciously is knowing that the external reality is determined by the internal reality. You have to know that you are the only one that decides how you feel, think, and do things. Nobody has that power over you. When you accept this wisdom, you’ll automatically start taking your power back to gain inner stability. You will also become more focused on creating a positive life through love, forgiveness, openness of the heart and mind.

This Is The Change You Need:

When you start to live consciously a lot of things in your life will shift. Unhealthy relationships will start to fall apart. Negative friendships will end. Old habits will die. You'll start to pay attention to the kind of foods you put into your temple. Your actions and behaviors change. You will no longer tolerate anything that doesn’t resonate with your life goals.  All of these changes start to happen because you’ve decided to take full responsibility over your life.