How Your Negative Thoughts Could Be Ruining Your Relationship

Conscious Lifestyle

Relationships are just as mental as they are physical. The mindset of your partner and their mental wellness has a lot to do with the success of the relationship. Most people don’t understand that it’s not only what you're saying, but also what you're thinking that has the power. The thoughts you're having about your partner could be affecting the results you're getting out of your relationship.

Start with yourself:

Before we get into the discussion of how your negative thoughts could be ruining your relationship, I have to state the importance of understanding your inner-self. The most important thing in life is having a strong inner connection with your soul. Life is truly a reflection of your inner state. The people you attract reflect who you are on the inside so they can help you learn more about yourself through what you don’t like. Through discovering dislikes, you get closer to understanding your value and what you deserve. When you know who you are, you start to understand how meaningful the inner reality is. When you are filled with love that you receive from the unlimited source, you will know that you can easily pour it into the person you love unconditionally. There’s no attachment in trying to force someone to love you a certain way or make you happy. You understand that these things start with you.  

Hidden thoughts hurt relationships:

Besides the many hurdles people face in maintaining a healthy relationships, many connections fail due to the negative and fearful inner thoughts one holds about the other. What you think about your partner can either help your relationship or hurt it if you haven’t learned the importance of positive thinking, emotional expression, and communication. Let's say that your partner upsets you and you pretend that "you're over it" externally, but internally, you're constantly repeating in your mind what he or she has done to you with anger, resentment, fear, sadness, or just pure frustration. You're probably having an inner dialogue saying, "they'll just do it again" or "why do they keep doing this" or many of the other negative repetitive thoughts. On the outside you're playing it cool, but internally you're upset with them. This hiding of real feelings starts to build up which in turn leads to problems within the relationship. Each time problems aren’t resolved through emotional expression and communication, it leads to the couple drifting apart and eventually bringing an end to the relationship. 

Finding the solution:

What most don't realize is how powerful those silent thoughts can be. Instead of breaking each other down, why not uplift and heal one another with your mind. A great awareness to have is, what you think of your partner, they become. You will see more of the traits, habits, beliefs, and actions you do, or don't like about them. It will all depend on where you put your mind and thought energy. Create healthy thoughts about your partner; say sweet loving words about them to yourself. Appreciate their smallest effort; give them reminders of how you feel, be more expressive to one another. Have the thoughts you had about them when you first fell in love. When you're having a negative thought about them, ask yourself, do I want to manifest this in my relationship? 

Have a mindful relationship:

The whole relationship is pure thought, and each thought you send out, can be a powerful energy that can align you and your partner to create a healthier relationship. The visions you have about your partner will manifest. Make sure you’re mindful about what you think and feel about them on the inside. Don’t let your thoughts be influenced by other people. The people who don't understand the power of their thoughts, words, and emotions always seem to find themselves struggling to maintain a healthy relationship. Always remember that what think internally, you’ll see externally. Let love power your relationship.