Knowing The Power Of Your Thoughts Can Change Your Life

Conscious Lifestyle

Ever since I discovered the power of my thoughts, my life hasn't been the same. Just like everyone else, I used to think that my reality was out of my control. I used to think certain situations happening to me were "pre-destined" when in reality; I was creating my destiny through my thoughts. I just didn't know! This was my greatest discovery when I started studying my mind, studying my habits, beliefs, and the kind of thoughts I was entertaining. Doing the inner work is the most rewarding. Choose to become aware, so you can break free from the unconscious creations of situations and circumstances you don't want to be in.

Everything Stems From Your Thoughts:

First thing you need to understand is that EVERYTHING in the world begins and happens as a result of the power of thoughts. Everything around you was once a thought. The thoughts that you choose to think combined with your emotions will mold and shape your life physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually. If you keep repeating the same thoughts, you get the same results. It is very important to understand that you choose what kind of thoughts you entertain. If a particular thought doesn’t resonate with you, than you don’t have to make it your reality. Choose better thoughts.

Don’t Get Stuck On One Thought:

Don't get stuck on one thought and say "that's just who I am!" You can change your mind, transform your life, and create new habits just by entertaining new thoughts. You can decide every single moment how you want to live and that's in the thoughts that you're playing in your mind. You don't need to control them, but you need to pay attention to the common stream of thoughts that you're having. Is it negative or positive? Does it make you happy? Or does it put you in a negative cycle. Once you become aware of your predominate thought, you can replace them with the thoughts of things you want. Your thoughts are a force, a frequency, and live energy that you can direct to work for you.

You can transform yourself in all areas of your life by focusing and exposing your mind to a lifestyle that matches where you want to be. What you pay attention gets magnetized to be attracted back to you. You can't have a positive mind, and live a negative life. That just goes against the laws of nature. Know this for a fact, that the thoughts you entertain, the thoughts you believe in, and thoughts you hold onto most of the time are shaping and molding your reality. It's as simple as paying attention to your inner world; thoughts/emotions. These are the forces that make up your whole reality. Start wearing thoughts that bring you happiness, thoughts that heal, thoughts of prosperity, thoughts of love, and you'll see how much you transform your reality! 

Shift From Within:

Since we get so occupied with the external reality, we don't really give much focus to the internal reality, which is where creation stems from. Everything outside of yourself is already created. So if you're experiencing it now, it's basically a thought that has already manifested. However, there's unlimited possibilities to where you can be, who you can become, and what you can do with your life. This moment, anything is possible for you. If you choose to believe what your five senses are telling you, than you're only going to recreate what has already been created. If you consciously decide to go into your imagination and choose to experience something different, than you re-write your story. 

There's No Limit To Your Mental Power:

You can't limit yourself any longer. Life is full of possibilities and all it takes is going inside and changing your thoughts to thoughts you want to experience. Forget what the outside reality appears to be telling you. Focus on where you want to be in your imagination. Visualize it like you're living it. Walk around as if you're there. Nothing can stop you when you discover the power of your thoughts.