Meet Millo. The Smart Blender

Science / Technology

The inspiration behind the “world’s smartest smoothie maker’ interestingly stemmed from a child’s music box. Founder Adam Trakselis was on a quest to mix a an early morning smoothie in peace without waking up his entire household and created the prototype for Millo, a blender with smart capabilities and drastically reduced noise creation. “It’s a blender, not a hammer drill,”  “Neither should it sound like one.”

The innovation behind Millo is the Air Drive technology that is claimed to to emit a quarter of the noise of your average blender, reducing heat and energy production in half. The ‘smart lid’ of its 710ml cup locks operates via magnets to lock in place and it is these magnets that power up the motor to 16,000rpm. These same magnets are then used to power the motor at up to 16,000rpm.

Millo also syncs with your electronic devices (tablet, smartphone) via its corresponding app that can track multiple users preferences, usage, nutritional details such as protein content and even adjust the speed of the blades all without your physical presence.

Millo is currently only available via Kickstarter and has a hefty price tag yet for the smoothie obsessed may prove a worthwhile investment.