My Trip To Maldives


Every year I make it my goal to travel to an exotic location and completely disconnect to fully reconnect with myself by immersing with the culture and further expanding my mind. In 2016 I picked the beautiful Maldive Islands to visit. I have been thinking about going to Maldives since 2012 and even talked about it on my social media several times as my dream destination. In August 2016 the trip manifested into my reality and the experience truly changed my life.

Here are several of my posts speaking my experience into existence. Mind you, when I said I wanted to be there, it wasn’t a priority for me since I was traveling to other places across the world. The idea of going to Maldives was more of a “one day” talk. However, it was on my mental radar, which is so crucial when you want to have an experience manifest into your reality. My vibration was aligned with the belief that I will be there soon, so it manifested in due time with absolute ease. I can truly say that I have experienced my thoughts become my reality so many times, but I’ll leave the details of that for another post. 

Before we go any further into my experience of Maldives, let me share some information with you so that you can have a better undertanding of what this little piece of heaven on earth is all about. After I give you some insight and research that I have done before I went, I will get into the depths of my experience there.

The beautiful Maldives consists of 1190 tiny islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Maldives is located next to India and Sir Lanka.

Islam is the official religion of Maldives. The Maldives flag symbolizes peace and prosperity with the green and red colors, while the crescent moon symbolizes Islam. 

Out of the 1190 islands in Maldives, only 185 of these islands are inhabited, while the others are used largely for tourism (90 resorts) and agriculture. The atolls are composed of live coral reefs and sand bars perched atop a 960km submarine ridge, while the land features lush tropical vegetation with abundant local coconut palms. With an average ground level of 1.5m above sea level, the Maldives is by far the lowest country on earth and as such has a very fragile ecosystem. The capital and largest city of the Maldives is Male. Maldives waters are thriving with whales and dolphins. At any given time of the year, there are 10 to 12 different species of whales and dolphins that call the coral reefs of the Maldives home. 

After my research of Maldives and discovering that there were 90 resorts, I had to find the one that I would explore during my stay. I decided that I was going to stay at Baros Resort because of its beauty, privacy, and adventure.


After discovering the island that I was going to explore during my stay, I prepared for my long trip to Maldives, which was approximately 20hrs and 45minutes from San Diego, California to Male, Maldives. I packed up and headed for the airport to go on this beautiful journey to the other side of the world. 

Knowing that I was going to be flying for 20hrs and 45mins, I brought several books with me. I love reading, so I utilized my travel time to go through a few books.

After my long trip, I finally made it to Male, Maldives.

When you first get to Maldives, you land in the main city called Male. Once you get to the Male International Airport, the resort sends a representative with a boat to escort you to your designated island. The boat ride from the airport to the resort was about 20mintues. During the ride I was offered a clean towel and water to relax. Upon approaching the deck of the resort, I noticed 6 hotel staff waving and ready to welcome me. It was such a warm welcome. I was quickly introduced to my butler Ahmad who was going to be there to guide me through my stay. Ahmad was very friendly and quickly started giving me insight on the resort. I did arrive in the evening, so I was a bit jet-lagged. I was taken to my water villa that had the view of the sunset from the back and sunrise from the front. It was soothing to hear the water underneath the villa as I was walking to my room. When I got to my room, I found a beautiful welcome note from the staff. After unpacking and unwinding from my travel, I ordered room service.

The next morning I felt rejuvenated and even woke up to the beautiful sound of the water below the villa.

After taking in the beautiful sunrise, I felt completely at peace and connected to the source energy. I sat down on the couch and just started counting my blessings. The thing I realized while being in complete silence is how clear your thoughts become. I felt a deep gratitude for being alive and experiencing what my thoughts can manifest. After about 1 hour of introspection and meditation, my breakfast arrived.

During my trip I had several adventures on my itinerary. I was going to be getting a special massage called the ‘Third Eye Massage’ also known as the Shirodhara Head Massage. I also had snorkeling and island events to attend. Keep in mind that the island is so small so most of what you’ll be doing will have a lot to do with relaxation and sometimes you’ll find yourself laying next to the water for hours. 


Before I get into the list of incredible things I did while on the island, let me talk a little bit more about the food, the people, and the environment. Baros Resort is simply breathtaking. The island provided so many different types of food that it was easy to find something that fits into anyone’s diet. Since Maldives is almost 99% sea, it is not surprising that fish (mainly tuna) is the most important staple of the Maldivian diet. The cuisine found in the island is a mix of Arabic, Indian, Sri Lankan and Oriental influences. The resort also had a diverse international menu as well as traditional Maldivian dishes. Coconuts are a major part of many dishes in Maldives and can be served in grated form, as milk or as coconut oil to cook food with. I loved the clear blue water and white sand that surrounded the island. Also I loved the lush green palm trees and exotic plants that were everywhere. There were exotic birds, lizards, and even insects. The staff on the island were so nice and welcoming. They constantly made me feel at home. The whole island was just incredible.

One of the exciting part of my trip was getting the Third Eye Therapy. At the spa I received a massage treatment called Shirodhara Head massage. This massage originated in India and is sometimes referred to as the Third Eye Therapy. The massage consists of warm only dripping on the center of your eyebrow for 30mins. The massage is supposed to promote balance, intuition, and relaxation. I felt myself getting deeper into a trance. The soothing sound of the music and the warm oil stimulated complete bliss. I believe I was awake as I was entering into Alpha brainwave. This is a state of creating and connecting with the unlimited source. My visions were detailed and clearer. The whole stay did stimulate a deep meditative state since I was spending time in nature and in the water everyday. This massage was the icing on the cake. I felt happy, whole, and very much connected. 

Another beautiful experience I had was snorkeling on the island. Maldives is known for its reefs and the world of beauty that roams under the water. I enjoyed connecting with all the sea life. When I initially went into the water I saw a baby shark swimming around and got scared. The marine biologist that was with me told me to explore and connect instead of being scared, because sharks are actually friendly. I trusted her guidance and went far into the sea. I felt energized throughout the experience. I felt like I entered a whole new world. The colors, beauty, and vibrancy of the sea life was magnificent. 

My trip to Maldives was incredible. I honestly didn’t want to leave, but my time to return to San Diego was fast approaching. Going on this kind of trip really taught me the importance of isolation and deep relaxation. Getting away from everything to reconnect with yourself truly does something magnificent to you. During my stay at Baros Maldives I experienced a lot of introspection. Being surrounded by water and being in silence is transformational. Also being away from everything and everyone, you start to think much more deeply and clearly. I felt the union between my inner voice and my thoughts. Understanding the power of myself meant being one with my inner voice. I also started to really get clear by eliminating the excess mind chatter and finding that inner place of oneness with self. I felt loved, happy, and energized. I do believe being in nature naturally does this to you. You don’t necessarily have to be in Maldives to get this experience. However, you have to connect with the frequency of the earth and get out of the busy city life and into nature often. I commit myself to 1hr of nature daily by being surrounded by water, plants, mountains, and animals. It’s pure bliss for me. I hope this gave you some insight about Maldives. With the power of your mind, you can go anywhere. Hope you get to experience this heaven on earth soon.