Questions On Self-Identity


The ability of an author to invoke feeling via a symphony of words strung together is the core magic of literature and the reading journey.

In the novel, “I’m thinking of ending things” author Iian Reid provokes deep meaning and curiosity into thoughts related to existence, self-identity and how we develop our sense of self and operate in the world.

"The meaning of my existence is that life has addressed a question to me. Or, conversely I am a question which is addressed to the world, and I must communicate my answer, for otherwise I am dependent on the world’s answer.”

There are a myriad of ways to approach this question.

And the way you choose to answer is directly linked to your self-concept. It can be very easy to fall into the trap of subconsciously, passively creating our self-identity based upon our external realities. Or even passively allowing our external reality to define ourselves on our behalf.

But who or what are you allowing to truly define you?  Do you believe that our definition of our identity is really something we have the power to choose? Are you able to harness that power?

Our past traumas and life experiences all add to the story we create in our minds that leads to the formation of our self-concepts.

“Every story is made up. Even the real ones.”


Artwork Loui Jover

So how in control are we in the understanding of self?

Do we truly define ourselves? Or is it our experiences or perceived realities and contextual circumstances that define or create our core selves?

Do we in fact communicate who we are to the world or does the world (society) project ideas of who we ‘should’ or can ‘be’?

Standards set by culture, society, peers and media influences all play a role in how we choose to ‘plug’ ourselves into the world.  Our careers, physical appearance, social groups and material possessions become commonplace vessels that hold our concept of self.

Yet as we walk down the path of spiritual development we learn that we are not defined by such attachments and that perhaps we really should not be defining ourselves at all.

For we are constantly evolving and morphing into expanded versions of ourselves. 

Remember-Identity is not static.

 “We have to find ways to experience because that is how we learn,, that’s how we know."

Cover Art by Panda Gunda