The Better You Become, The Better You Attract


The better you become, the better you attract. Instead of looking for people to better you, start doing the self-work. The only thing that you need to do right now is focus on bettering yourself. When you're not growing as person, you will try to hold on to what's familiar even when it's unhealthy for you. Understand that you can create mature connection that doesn't require babysitting. You don't have to be hurt wondering, over-thinking, and living in confusion, when all it takes is turning the attention back on your own growth.

Each one of us has unlimited potential to go inside and shift our outer reality. There's a magnetic energy beaming from your body pulling towards you the people, places, things, and situations currently occurring in your life. That magnetic pull is a match to the current vibration you hold. If you don't like what you've attracted up to this point, don't point fingers at the circumstances. These are just results of your thinking. We should never blame things on the outside that just weakens our personal power to take responsibility for our lives. 

The start of change:

When your soul is awakening to its truth, you'll go through a shift. So many changes will occur in your life. If you don't accept the changes and trust the process that it's time to evolve from things that aren't growing you, than you'll experience problems. This is where the chasing and forcing occurs, because people are scared to grow into themselves. They get scared of the unknown, scared to let go, because the familiar is too comforting even though it hurts them. The good news is that we need change. It pushes us out of our comfort zone and helps us grow. Even-though there might pain and discomfort during the process; it's definitely worth it at the end. 

Everyone desires change, but to become better you have to start doing the "self-work" which is owning your life. You start by forgiving yourself and everything outside of you. Did you know forgiveness is dis-attaching your current precious energy from the past? Every moment you have a choice to use your energy to grow your vision, rather than giving it away to others or the past; while you deplete in sorrow. 

The process of change:

Once you get to the point where you're done chasing, forcing, and trying to keep your past together, a beautiful thing happens; something called surrendering. Let go of all the resentment, could haves, should haves, and he or she did this to me nonsense. We're conserving energy here, not tossing it around aimlessly. Once you become detached and own your power, you now have the opportunity increase your vibration. Everything starts with you! You let go and allow the change to happen in your life.

Instead, focus back on your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you have about the world. What is that little voice in your head constantly saying? What emotion are you always holding? Your state of being is constantly gravitating everything towards you. You can't keep asking for particular relationship and hold a negative view on love. You can't keep asking for financial freedom and hold a negative view on money. See, it's not what we say we "want" but the belief we have about it. Change starts on the inside. Go within to discover your inner strengths, beauty, light, and everything about you, that'll elevate your life to new heights. 

The result of change:

After you've shifted internally and changed as a person, the results in your life will be much different. Now that you love yourself and feel whole within you, how you attract others to yourself will be completely different. You're no longer be sending insecure signals, but rather the energy of strength, awareness, love, and kindness. This kind of energy will attract people who are on the similar path of self-discovery as yourself, ones who respect and admire your inner beauty, and ones who know how to walk by your side without force. Magical things happen when you let change, growth, and faith do the work in your life.