The Overconsumption Of Ourselves


The need for a so-called ‘digital detox’ is definitely becoming more and more relevant in modern society and fortunately many of us understand the importance of taking a break from social media. There are many retreats popping up around the world offering ways to ‘disconnect to reconnect’. It is vital to our mental health and spiritual journeys to truly unplug, reset and direct your attention inward. 

“Social media is fast becoming an addiction in our hyper-connected world, and it’s silently wrecking you.” This article in Entrepreneur magazine gives great examples of signs you may need to let go of the ‘digital high’.

Yet what if you cannot fully give up social media? For many of us we rely on it or even require it for our jobs, for our livelihoods. Another method of disengaging from a potential ‘addiction’ to social media is to simply disengage from your social media. It can be so easy to get into a stream of constant posting and hash-tagging. You may find yourself starting to  think about future posts as you navigate throughout your day-completely missing the present moment. You may even find yourself thinking in ‘post speak’-that pithy jargon you try so hard to creatively orchestrate to garner more attention; more ‘likes’; more ‘approval’.

Your social media presence can become a complete obsession resulting in a very dangerous avenue ttowards losing connection with your true core self. If you are an active social media engager you may find that you become anxious if you do not check your accounts or supply your ‘followers’ with a clever or enviable caption and photo.

This is our challenge to you.

TAKE A BREAK. FROM YOUR (social media) SELF.

We are so consumed with the images we present to the world digitally. We become so consumed with the number of likes and followers we can attract. These highs are unnatural and disserving. This ‘connection’ is actually a full disconnection-from YOU. So try taking a complete break from posting on social media. You may feel anxiety creep in. You may experience feelings of lack and even an initial depressed or disconnected state. But guess what? You are still very much alive and living. Your day is panning out just as it would without the engagement of strangers’ invisible eyes complimenting you on the Internet.

It can be difficult to completely check out and disconnect in the modern era, yes. But you do have the power to build a tolerance to not engage in it yourself to excess. Just because it is not posted on social media does not mean it did not happen! There is beauty and grace in privacy and discretion. When you can escape the ‘this will make a great post’ mentality you can actually fully immerse your self into the moment itself; into the actual experience. Let people wonder what you’re up to.  Enjoy the sunset for what it is naturally and not how magical it will look with the Valencia filter.

At the very least try posting photos with NO filter.

Both you and sunsets were beautiful before we ever had filters. We don’t need them! It is time we learn to re-appreciate the beauty of our natural state of being.

Artwork by Paul Fuentes