Understanding Brain Wave States For Optimal Living

Science / Technology

Advances in neuroscience related technology have allowed us to deeply understand the intrinsic connection between the human brain and the act of meditation. Researchers have grown to empirically understand that we as humans operate vibrationally within a universe operating on this same vibration. There are different levels of vibrations, which indicate the experience within reality. One method of technology for measuring brainwave vibrations/activity is a EEG or electroencephalogram. The basic brainwave frequencies are measured as vibrations in what is referred to as ‘Hertz’.

Fascinatingly, we see distinct correlations between brainwave patterns, meditative states and physiological functions. There are five brain wave states that we measure (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma) and they operate from slow (Delta) to fast (Gamma and Beta).

Delta (0.5-3.0Hz) Deep Sleep and meditation states

The delta brain wave frequency is experienced during states of deep sleep and meditation where the mind becomes removed from full consciousness. This is the territory of your unconscious mind or the subconscious area of your brain.

Theta (4-8Hz) REM sleep and light meditative states

During REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and dream states the theta brain waves become present. This brainwave state is also a part of your subconscious mind state and is experienced quickly as you pass through Alpha (awakened state) into Delta the deep sleep or meditation state. The Theta state is also where intense visualizations may take place and is said to produce heighted insight and creativity while being a state conducive to deep connection to spirit.
Theta is the ‘quiet mind’ state and elusive to many.

Alpha (9-14Hz) Deep relaxation

The Alpha brain wave state is said to be a prime mode for re-programming the mind and optimizing learning, concentration and memory. It is also described as being the base of consciousness and acts as an entryway to the subconscious mind. Researchers have studied brainwave patterns through EEG’s and learned that the border between the Alpha and Theta states (7Hzto8Hz) is actually the optimal zone for creating new though patterns and realities though mind-programming techniques and meditations. In this specific brain state you are conscious yet your body is completely and utterly relaxed. Many neuroscience researchers describe the Alpha state as being our inner wisdom or intuition.

Beta (14-40Hz) Conscious wakefulness

When you are awake and alert you are operating in the Beta brain wave state. You have a heighted sense of reasoning and your executive functioning is operating at a high level. This state is imperative to day-to-day survival yet many of us reside too deeply or often in the Beta state and this can induce anxiety, tension and stressful emotions. Operating Beta is typically found in the range of 25Hz to 30Hz.

Gamma (40-80 Hz) The Insight Wave

There is a far less amount of research behind the Gamma brain wave state which initiates  in the thalamus region of the brain and operates the at the fastest frequency of 40Hz. This brain wave is said to be one of optimal mental and physical performance and is associated with heightened concentration and cognitive abilities.

Understanding our brain wave states can greatly aid us in rewiring our neuro-circuitries and create new thought patterns as well as deepen our ability to enter varying meditative states all which enhance our abilities to live our optimal lives.


Art work by Greg Dunn